Module Setting: Navigation Control

Idea created by Aaron Bahmer on Feb 14, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I think it would be a great idea to allow designers of modules to be able to control the display of certain navigational elements during "playback" of the module. The settings area would allow one to select/control which elements were available, such as:

    • First module item: Display [Previous] button or [Home] button or nothing on left.
    • General: Display module item position/count, display module item selector, display navigation at top and/or bottom.
    • Last module item: Display [Next] button or [Home] button or nothing on right.


    I think Display Module Location of Item Being Viewed is a great idea to include in the general settings above - give students a sense of how close they are to the finish line. And, Back and Next buttons at top of module items is already on the development radar. Let's just include these in the choices we have as designers, please!


    Opting for a [Home] button instead of [Next] or [Previous] is briefly explained in my posting: Modules: Replace [Next] with [Home]. The image below shows what the Home button would look like, but I would put it in place of the [Next] or [Previous] buttons. This idea can place a "cap" on either end of a module, allowing for controlled navigational access to adjacent modules regardless of prerequisites or requirements.


    For the "module item selector" suggested above, here's what I have in mind. Every item in the current module could be listed in a drop-down selector (preserving mastery paths, of course) which would allow a user to quickly navigate to any other page/item within the current module. No more crawling through a module via [Previous] & [Next], no clicking on "Modules" to track down a desired item.... List scroll bar as necessary.

    Example module navigation area with "module item selector" and Home button.

    Making this a set of module-level settings allows some modules to behave differently than others. Of course, the next thing I would suggest is a way to set my preference as my default across all my classes, but that's another matter, entirely.


    Thanks for your consideration!

    (edit - spelling fixed)