Render modules as tiles or tabbed navigation

Idea created by Anthony England on Feb 14, 2018
    Open for Voting

    It would be wonderful to be able to automatically render modules like the dashboard -  with tiles/images, or as a tabbed drop-down menus like the 'browse' button in this very website. I have attached some images to explain...


    If you allow a module to have an image associated with it in the same way as you can do for a course, it would allow you to auto render modules in a tile layout for each course (similar to the dashboard). You could then render each item within that module as a list (perhaps click on the module tile would turn the tile into a list of content, or does it link to the module page with that module open)? (Note - you could do the same with content pages - to have an icon associated with it...)


    Also, the current module data structure would allow the modules and items to render as a tab drop-down menu (similar to this website or Microsoft Office | Productivity Tools for Home & Office ). Each module would be a tab heading, and the items would be the tab menu options (indenting and label items could also allow sub-menus if desired).

    This would allow for you to embed a tabbed navigation into a content page - similar to the designs people create using Cidi Labs - but automagically, with all links auto updating and continually linked correctly.


    Thanks for voting