Blueprint Selective Sync

Idea created by Jeffrey Anderson on Feb 15, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Tavis Miller
    • scott maccrum
    • Ira Strauss
    • Amberle Danielson
    • Joe Allen
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Christin Deville
    • Jeffrey Anderson

    The way Blueprint courses currently work, once you design your blueprint template and you associate a course, the content begins to sync automatically. 


    If you wish to inject content into any existing course designs, the settings of the template can get transferred to the existing courses in at least one undesirable way: the course home page setting which is the choice of the course instructor/designer will be overwritten with the way the course home page is set up in the blueprint template. The option to apply course settings are not available until a change to the blueprint template is made. 


    This idea is to enhance the blueprint workflow to only initiate a sync when the blueprint course admin desires rather than upon first association.