Allow last names with spaces and middle names in full name

Idea created by Christin Deville on Feb 19, 2018
    Open for Voting

    There is no place for middle names or initials in Canvas except the full name field (adding the middle initial to the first name is misleading, more on that later). When I send up last name, first name, and full name fields together, the sortable name in Canvas sometimes produces strange results. Example:


    Ali J Al Shami


    Al Shami is the last name.
    J is the middle initial.

    Ali is the first name.

    I send this name up through SIS as:
    Ali,Al Shami,Ali J Al Shami


    However, the sortable name comes out as 


    Shami, Ali J Al


    I can resolve this by sending only first name and last name fields without the full name field. However, this would force me to tack the middle initial to the first name. There are also people with compound first names, so this would be very misleading in provisioning reports. I also don't want to drop the middle initial altogether, as this is another key way to identify students in a lengthy roster where there may be several students of the same name.


    I'd like Canvas to explicitly respect (no matter the spaces or hyphens) the first and last name fields in the sortable name. Or I'd like a middle name field so that it can properly produce a sortable name.