Masquerade with less access to personal info

Idea created by Svein Harald Kleivane on Feb 21, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Lars Vemund Soleroed
    • Monica Stamnes
    • Svein Harald Kleivane
    • Audra Agnelly

    The Masquerade feature is a great tool, but it is too powerful as it is to be used by other than a select few at root level. However, this would be a great tool also if it could be used on a sub-account restricted to only that sub-account - as asked for here: Masquerade as user for subaccount admins . 


    But if we were to have this feature on sub-accounts we would need to be able to be able to set permissions on the masquerade feature so that the Masqueradee(?) don't get access to user info such as personal messages etc. The way the permissions are set right now makes the masquerade feature a bit too intrusive and might (in our case) go against privacy laws if we give it to useres on sub-accounts. 


    So, in short we would like to be able to set permissions on what you get access to when masquerading.