Improve swipe left/right buttons in Canvas app

Idea created by Paul Van de Riet on Feb 23, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Paul Van de Riet

    No, this is not a request for the addition of a Tinder feature to the Canvas app:)


    We recently had a student attempting to take a timed quiz in the app, and he couldn't figure out how to access the "Take the Quiz" button he regularly saw when taking untimed quizzes. However, when he attempted this timed quiz, the app added an extra page with 2 small buttons similar to Apple page swipes (or whatever they're called) but were colored differently than the usual greyscale many of us are accustomed to seeing. As you'll notice in the image, the two solid colors give it a different feel that I have to admit made me confused as to why he couldn't access the quiz. So, I'm asking for either the grey colors or a clearer way to let the student know that they need to swipe left/right to access additional pages.