Duplicating Rating Scales in the Same Rubric

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    I just finished building a course for an instructor, and the course had several rubrics.  Most of the rubrics used the same rating scale:

    • 5 = Excellent - Able to demonstrate this skill without errors.
    • 4 = Acceptable - Able to demonstrate this skill with minor errors.
    • 2 = Needs Improvement - Needs to improve on quality of performance of this skill.
    • 0 = Unacceptable - Unable to perform this skill; redo is required.

    It became very time consuming to manually enter these rating scales line by line...especially when there were 15+ criteria per rubric (x10 Assignments).  It would be very helpful if there was an option to let us copy point values (such as 5, 4, 2, 0) from row to row.  This would be a huge time saver for many people.


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