Grade Change Activity Log: Filtering, CSV download, etc.

Idea created by James Ashby on Feb 23, 2018
    • Aisha Jackson
    • James Ashby

    The following changes would make the "Grade Change Activity" log in the Admin Tools much more powerful and easy to use:

    • When you search for both a user and a course, it should filter for both. Right now, if you enter a course, it pulls everything from that course, ignoring what you entered for the user. This doesn't make any sense.
    • You should be able to search for course (and the other fields) by SIS ID and/or name, not just the internal course ID. Or at the very least, the Canvas IDs should display in the log, so that it's easy to grab, say, a course ID from the log and immediately search for it.
    • If you type a unique identifier in the "Student" field and hit the Enter key, it should automatically select the student you entered. Right now, you HAVE to choose the name from the auto-complete menu, which can be frustrating.
    • You should be able to download the results to CSV. This goes for the Gradebook History within courses as well! Would be a huge help.
    • When exporting to CSV, extra columns should be added including usernames, course SIS ID's, etc. Names are not unique identifiers, so unique identifiers should be included alongside the names in something as critical as a grade log.