Modules tab in Canvas Teacher app

Idea created by Jeremy Stevens on Feb 25, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Currently the Canvas Teacher app does not allow teachers to view, rearrange, edit, or publish their modules in a site. It would be great if, at a minimum, Teachers could view a site's modules like students can in the Student app (it is unclear why this is unavailable to staff). However, ideally the app would also let Teachers edit, rearrange, and publish their modules and the items within them.


    Modules are a crucial part of Canvas. Our teaching staff use them to structure learning materials, assignments, quizzes, pages, and other information for students across the teaching period. It would be highly beneficial for them to be able to manage this remotely using their mobile devices.


    Two example use cases:


    1. If there is an item or module that is unpublished, and a student emails the teacher because they cannot access it, the mobile app should allow the teacher to go in and publish the materials quickly and easily (similarly, if there is something that should no longer be published to students, the teacher should be able to quickly amend this).

    2. If an assignment or discussion needs to be moved from one module to another, so that it's clear to students when it needs to be completed, this should also be possible in a mobile application.