Add Crosslisted Information to New Course Search

Idea created by cms_hickss Expert on Feb 27, 2018
    Open for Voting

    The new course/people search is pretty nice, however, it still does not show you if a course/section have been combined. It would be nice if there was some indicator of this.


    When you combine/crosslist courses what actually moves is the section (which contains all the enrollments). The course itself is left there as an empty shell (unless the teacher added content before realizing that s/he was going to combine sections).


    In the Courses & People search, you get a list of courses. A course/section that has been combined will appear in the results and will be listed with zero enrollments. This can be confusing because on appearance it does not say whether the course/section has been combined and that's why it has zero enrollments or if it has zero enrollments because no one has been enrolled.


    If you click on the hyperlink course name it will take you to the "empty" course shell and you are left wondering where the users might be. And still, no indication to if a section was even created.


    It would be panda awesome if the search had the option to take you to either the "empty" course OR the combine/crosslisted course where the users (for that section) have been moved.


    If that is not an option, how about on the sections tab of the combine/crosslisted course it told you where the section had gone?