Multiple Final Grades

Idea created by Abby Cunningham on Feb 27, 2018
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    • Abby Cunningham

    Many schools implement Standards Based Grading or Standards Referenced Grading.  In order to do this appropriately, you need to be able to report multiple final grades for one course.  In my district, and in many across the nation, there is a Project Based Learning Network which also requires teachers to report multiple final grades.  I propose an option in the grade book to calculate multiple final grades based on the assignment categories.


    For example, we have a Project Based Learning combined course in Science and Business.  Here is how we grade:

    Agency (same grade in both courses)

    Written Communication (same grade in both courses)

    Oral Communication (same grade in both courses)

    Collaboration (same grade in both courses)

    Knowledge and Content (different grades each course, specific to each course's content)


    I know I can cross-list these two courses and create assignment categories but, for final grade reporting and for their transcripts, I need to be able to have one grade for Science and one grade for Business.  We don't believe we should give them the same final grade for both even though it is a combined course because we need their transcript to reflect what they actually know specific to each course.


    SBG and SRG would use this idea of multiple final grades to report grades specific to each standard.  Allowing this option would probably alleviate future problems when more schools move towards these practices.