Sync Blueprint content to single course option and decouple associate and sync

Idea created by Christin Deville on Feb 27, 2018
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    • Harsha Bhamra
    • Matt Getze
    • Jackie Crouch
    • Kathryn Andrus
    • Cindy Brown
    • Christin Deville
    • David Anderson
    • Karin May

    When you create a new course and assign it a blueprint_course_id using an SIS Import CSV, the new course will receive a sync of content and navigation settings from the respective Blueprint. Nice.

    Example, today I upload:
    2181_CHEESE_9900_SEC001,CHEESE 001,Advanced Cheese studies,active,2181,CLAS,Blueprint_Cheese



    However, it also forces a sync of content to every single previously associated course. This is not nice.


    Continuing example:

    Yesterday's FONDUE_9900 and CRUDITES_1001, already associated to Blueprint_Cheese now lose or gain any changed Blueprint content as a result of today's SIS upload.


    Two problems:

    1. I expect the associate action to associate only. 
    2. I also need a way to associate and sync content to a new course in one action (without inadvertently syncing to hundreds, sometimes thousands of other courses that have already been created and previously received a content sync).


    I observed this behavior both in the SIS Imports UI and the SIS Imports API.