Add 'Access Speedgrader' for Easy Student Aid Permissions

Idea created by KEITH THOMSEN on Feb 28, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Linda J. Lee

    Could you implement a new permission for a course role that would allow a student aid access only to speedgrader for assignments?


    Due to concerns over grades and FERPA our district is disabling 'TA' accounts for students, which makes plenty of sense, but it leaves teachers who rely on student aids to grade practice assignments in a bind.


    The closest permission right now seems to be the 'Edit grades' course permission, but that would still give them access to the whole gradebook and, when you take into consideration the fact that our Canvas gradebook syncs with our district gradebook, this is causing a problem with our legality.


    However, giving aids access to speedgrader only would eliminate this problem and would be the digital equivalent of handing a stack of papers, a rubric, and an exemplar to an aid and having them go through and grade the work.


    By allowing a 'Access Speedgrader' permission it would eliminate access to quizzes, the gradebook, and other settings that a student shouldn't access to while still utilizing an aid for the mundane day-to-day grading of less important assignments.


    I respect that the better solution might be to 'assign fewer assignments' or 'assign only important assignments' but that's not always a reality. At my previous position it was expected that I would have a least 32 grades in the grade book each quarter (10 of which needed to be 'summative') and my aids were invaluable to me in meeting this criteria (this was before Canvas synced with our district gradebook).


    Mercifully I'm now at a school that has a much lower assignment number as their expectation, but with this freedom I've moved more towards working with students one-on-one and doing more small group conferencing (which is what Canvas seems built for), so my aids have still been picking up the slack on less important assignments.


    Ultimately this permission would be a boon to middle school and high school teachers that want their student aids to handle a bit of the load as well, and I would very much like to see it implemented (bonus points if you can allow me to assign specific assignments to specific aids to grade...).


    Thank you!