Ungraded Survey summary data format

Idea created by Angela Rae Linse on Mar 2, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Knox Mallette
    • William Diehl
    • Deborah Willoughby
    • Isobel Williams
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Lena Marie Burgess

    Correct data provided for ungraded surveys.  The CSV file formats the data exactly like quizzes with correct answers.  Ungraded Surveys require data for each answer in a multiple answer question, not just a score for the question.  Survey data requires the total count for each possible answer.  Currently the ungraded survey data included in the CSV is assume that the first item in a multiple choice survey is the correct answer and reports the score for the assumed correct answer, but not the total for each option within a question.  An average total score (grade) for the entire survey is meaningless in a survey. 


    Instead we need to be able to calculate basic statistics for each item/question in the survey.  In order for that to happen, the CSV data file needs to be reformatted. The CSV needs to provide a response count for each potential answer, for each question/item.

    Example ungraded survey with data from respondents correctly/usefully presented (all answer options are correct):


    Same ungraded survey example with data as currently provided in CSV file, incorrectly presented (assumes first answer option is correct):