Mystery paths initial view

Idea created by Chris Chris on Mar 3, 2018
    • Chris Chris

    I've created a course where I have a number of video tutorials followed by a quiz.  Once the student has watched the videos, they will see the quiz.  Once the student then gets a grade of 7/10 or higher, they will see the next set of video tutorials and quiz, and so on.


    However, if I want to start with a course "outline", followed by a set of video tutorials and then a quiz to follow, I can't limit the the visibility of any of these in mystery paths.


    The only way around it I found was to create a quiz as the very first item.  In this quiz I explained to the student to just answer "yes" to the one and only question.  When they got this answer correct, then the following items appeared.


    It would be nice to have a cleaner way of doing this.