Faster Way to Manually Assign Peer Reviews

Idea created by Nils Michals on Mar 5, 2018
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    • Nils Michals
    • Per Bisseberg
    • Rob Ditto
    • Martha Nelson
    • Jose Luis Cano
    • Kristin Marengo

    Please, please, please consider creating a faster way to manually assign peer reviews.


    First, there are many possible ways an instructor might be using peer review in their class. For example, in my creative writing class not everyone submits work every week to be peer reviewed. This means I can't use the "automatically assign peer reviews" function. 


    Second, currently the process is to manually select peer review for EACH student from a list, and then add one by one the student(s) to be reviewed. This takes me 15-20 minutes every week. Could you possibly create a checkmark list or something? This would save so much time. And if you really wanted to make it fast you could create a checkmark list which could be applied at once to all students.


    Via Canvas, I've managed to make online peer review work in my creative writing class, which feels like a miracle. But the current process by which peer review must be assigned is the one thing that gets me every week.