UNselect individual items listed as ready for posting to SIS

Idea created by Richard Swengel on Mar 8, 2018
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    • Donna Bohn

    This may already be posted somewhere, but I cannot find it.


    When posting grades to our SIS, I would like to be able to turn off (unselect) items listed as ready for posting.  This will be helpful for two reasons.

    1. If an item has already been posted but the assignment is still listed because of the cumbersome nature of turning off the sync option after posting, unselecting saves transfer time and system resources.
    2. If an item in the list has been "check marked" for syncing but the grading for that item is not complete, currently, I must exit the posting process, go to the assignment (or assignment list), and turn off the "sync to SIS" option.


    Rick Swengel

    Perry Meridian High School Indianapolis