Enhance export of text/essay quiz submissions

Idea created by Lars Vemund Soleroed on Mar 9, 2018
    Open for Voting

    In todays quiz tool you have two ways to see answers to the essay question type:

    - Speedgrader one by one

    - Downloading a CSV


    The CSV could be really messy. And almost hopeless to get good use of. Escpecially if you use the tool for large surveys with houndreds of responses on multiple essay questions. Like a course evaluation.


    I would therefore suggest a couple of improvements for an export function in Quizzes next:

    - Let us download an excel-fil(!)

    - Les us choose what questions to download

    - Use semicolon as csv separator

    - Present all essay answers on one question on one printable/exportable page inside Canvas 


    One or two of thees solutions would make it a lot better than it is today.


    (and just to add a funny add-on you might consider a button "generate wordcloud" on essay-questions.)