Sort Accounts I Manage List Alphabetically

Idea created by David Loti on Mar 9, 2018
    • David Loti
    • Rob Ditto

    If an account admin selects the Admin icon then the account admin's preview list of up to 10 Sub-Accounts sorts alphabetically. However if the account admin selects All Accounts then the list of Sub-Accounts sorts in the reverse chronological order of when the user was added as an account admin to the Sub-Account. See here for an example.


    Canvas support states that:

    • this is a known issue
    • a case is open with its engineers
    • it may be possible to arrange the Accounts I Manage list alphabetically with custom CSS or JS
    • they recommend I create a feature idea to scope what other account admins would like to contribute to this conversation


    The feature idea is to sort the Accounts I Manage list ( in alphabetical order. However, as per the final point above, this is also an invitation for account admins to express what they would like built in this particular area.