Feature for private student comments/reminders on assignments

Idea created by Sahil Patel on Mar 11, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Sahil Patel

    This is a feature that is necessary for the ease of students. If a student wants a reminder or just make notes about certain assignments/grades for themselves, right next to the grade they are able to. The instructor doesn't need to see these notes or comments because this is to remind the student of certain things they need to talk to the instructor about. Very helpful because it is online and these notes cannot get lost and are all in one place. Also helps the student not forget about their questions or reminders because it is still there until they opt to resolve/delete the comments or reminder. Basically, have an area next to the comments to teachers on each assignment that is just for student notes/reminders on that assignment page. This will be very beneficial to many students, especially if they struggle with organization or remembering things.