Teacher Inbox options

Idea created by Joe Roney on Mar 12, 2018
    • Joe Roney

    The Inbox feature for messaging is great when used properly. Teachers should have the option to turn off the Inbox feature for students in their course. Students use this feature to communicate with each other during various parts of the day when they should not be messaging. We have had a few students sending inappropriate messages using the Inbox. If a teacher had the option to turn this off for his/her course, it may prevent some of the cyber bullying that we have had to fish around to find after students delete their messages. 


    As of now the only option for our district is to turn it off for everyone or leave it on for everyone. Many of our teachers use the Inbox to send out information to students. We cannot turn it off for everyone just for the few who abuse it. We would like to see more options for teachers or administrators to block students or courses from using this feature.