Grades on Assignments Viewable in Modules

Idea created by Sarah Evans on Mar 12, 2018
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    • Misty Rains
    • Treva Thomas
    • Krysten Barrett
    • Valerie
    • Sam McGlothlin
    • Eric Fulgenzi
    • Sefina Lucki

    Students often want to go straight to the grades or assignment pages, rather than working through valuable resources in the modules that is ungraded. If students could see what their assignment grades are on the modules page, they would be more willing to work through modules. Next to the points each assignment is worth, could the students see their points earned? Students cannot currently tell from the modules page if they have even completed an assignment. This is very confusing and drives them back to the grades or assignment page, away from valuable ungraded curriculum/resources. If an assignment  is past due, a red exclamation point or other attention getting symbol could alert them they have not done the assignment.