Search with multiple criteria in admin grade change log

Idea created by James Ashby on Mar 12, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Lisa Lucas
    • James Ashby
    • Joseph Sarmiento

    In the Grade Change Activity log (accessed under Admin Tools > Logging), you can search by grader, student, course, and assignment. But if you try to search by multiple fields at once, it doesn't work. For example, if you try to search for all grades entered by the grader "Bob" for the student "Sue," it will just give you all the grades for Sue and ignore the "grader" field.


    Instead, you should be able to fill out multiple fields at once, and Canvas will only return grade activity that matches all of them. This would really help with narrowing down to what you're looking for in a grade log with dozens or hundreds of entries.


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