Notifications by Section Feature Option

Idea created by Grant Harbor on Mar 12, 2018
    Open for Voting

    It would be great if we could add a Feature Option to each course which allows the instructors to choose whether the course notifications displayed to instructors for the Whole Course or By Section. 


    In many of my courses I teach with 3 or 4 other teachers and my ToDo list become meaningless because it is flooded with notifications about Grading required for students who are not in my section. 


    Notifications Scroll of Death


    It would be great if this list was only populated with Grading Required for students in Sections which I am a member of.


    I understand that this would not be the case for all courses which is why I would suggest that this is a Feature Option which can be turned on or off on a "per course" basis.


    Renee CarneyStefanie SandersJulian Ridden