Error Notification

Idea created by Dominique Roitman on Mar 13, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I propose redesigning the error button that appears at the top of the Canvas screen when a student carries out a task that is incorrect. At the moment, the button that appears is too small and visually far from where the student last clicked. It can be frustrating when trying to accomplish a task and it does not work, yet the student can not clearly see that the reason for it is because there is an error in place. I suggest redesigning a button with larger graphics, and that is closer in proximity to where the student last clicked. For example, if I am attempting to submit an assignment and forget to upload my attachment, the error message should appear nearby to where the submit button is. My eye was last in that area; to maximize efficiency and time, it would make sense for the error button to appear around that area, not far above at the top of the page.