Ability to Change Chronological Order of Assignments on Syllabus Homepage

Idea created by Nathan Campbell on Mar 15, 2018
    • John Boekenoogen
    • Robert Thomas
    • Rob Ditto
    • Nathan Campbell
    • Scott Moore
    • sarah Hemphill
    • Jamie Yadoff
    • Lisa Francescon

    Click this link to a very similar 'Idea' to vote: Syllabus View Customization 


    I see several past Ideas touching on the topic of the assignments list that is apart of the Syllabus (home)page.


    Each of the links below speaks to a nuanced desire to improve the function of the assignments list.  Each one is slightly different, but what I see in them all is a desire for more toggles/filters/controls over this assignment list.


    So ....going back three years we see chatter on or around the same idea: built-in functionality in the assignments list. 


    Right now students have to scroll and scroll to find anything on this list. In a year-long course in a middle school or high school there are dozens of assignments. At the secondary level, having the added functionality to reverse order the chronology would be very beneficial for many of users.


    My Idea: Can there be a filter/sort/toggle built into Canvas that allows the user more view options of the assignment list on the Syllabus (home)page?


    Thank you.