Allow instructors to edit the "Assignment Umuted" message before it goes out to students.

Idea created by Shervin Churchill on Mar 20, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Shane Degen
    • Brandi Emerick
    • Paul Hudson
    • Julia Varnes
    • Shervin Churchill

    Canvas sends a message as soon as an assignment has been unmuted.  The message has a subject of " Assignment Unmuted: [Name of assignment, Name of class and term.]"


    The message always says:


    "Your instructor has released grade changes and new comments for [the particular assignment.] These changes are now viewable."


    I would like to be able to edit this message and add details as necessary, and then have it sent to the students.

    This reduces the need for additional messages related to that assignment, and allows the instructor to add a personal touch to the message that is being sent out to students.


    Shervin Churchill

    University of Washington