Display metadata in Speedgrader for file submissions

Idea created by scott jensen on Mar 26, 2018
    Open for Voting

    When students upload a file (e.g., a screen capture), it would be helpful if the metadata for that file was visible.  If you download the file, it makes a copy and has the metadata of the date/time of the download and who generated it.  The same applies if you download all of the submissions as a zip file.

    The workaround suggested by support is to have students zip the file before uploading, but this has the following drawbacks:

    1) As a zip file upload, I cannot see the image and comment directly on it with notations in Speedgrader.  Essentially it's either the metadata or the benefits of Speedgrader, and Speedgrader wins.

    2) It's one more step I need to teach students to do just to submit the assignment