Filter "To Do" List by Course

Idea created by Joe Schaffner on Mar 28, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Joe Schaffner
    • Jeffrey Brady
    • Molly Bonnard

    Since many of our users have different roles in courses (e.g., a grad student might be a TA in one course and a student in another), it would be helpful if the "To Do" list on the Dashboard could be filtered by course. In the current "To Do" list, there is no way to filter by course, which is inconvenient for users who have different roles in courses. For example, if a grad student only wants to see items listed in her courses in which she is a student, there is not a way for her to do this; rather, the "To Do" list shows a mix of items for all of her roles in her Canvas sites. Thus, to help users with different roles in courses best manage their workflows, it would be useful to add a course-filter function to the "To Do" list. Additionally, it would be ideal to have this filter for the mobile app and for the web browser versions of Canvas.