Add a "like" button, star ratings, or "mark as helpful" options to discussion posts

Idea created by communityteam Administrator on Apr 14, 2015
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    As a user, I'd like to be able to give feedback on discussion posts other than posting a threaded reply. For instance, I'd like to "like" a post or rate it (using stars or a similar rating scale) or mark it as helpful. Any or all of these options would allow me to interact with other users' discussion posts quickly and efficiently and add another dimension of interactivity to discussion-type assignments and activities.

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    Originally posted by: Matt McGhie

    Special thanks for contributions from: Lynne S. McNeill, Mark Ellis, Sylvia Newman



    Comment by Instructure

    You can enable liking on a discussion by editing your discussion and using the checkbox to 'allow liking'.  There are additional tools below the checkbox, but they do not need to be enabled for liking to occur!


    The thumbs up button will then appear next to the reply option: