Set default assignment status

Idea created by Nichole Murray on Mar 28, 2018
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    • Nichole Murray

    In the new grade book, we can now automatically assign a zero score to missing assignments for electronic submissions, which is an awesome new feature! However, I occasionally assign a task where the students can choose from multiple options for completion, not all of which require an electronic submission (one option might be on paper, another in person, etc.). This has created a problem where I now have to manually change the assignment status from "missing" to "none" for anywhere from 70-180 students depending on what option they choose to turn in. I would LOVE the ability to set default assignment status to "none" (or missing, late, etc.) and also apply the appropriate autofill score (i.e. no score for "none" status, zero score for "missing" status), similar to the way we can set a default grade to whatever score we choose. This would be a huge time saver and would lesson the stress on my students who see a huge grade drop for something they turned in non-electronically.