Grades: Combining points and percentages

Idea created by Gabriela Ernsberger on Mar 30, 2018
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    • John Boekenoogen



    My grading goes up to 200 points, where 20 points come from labs (15 of them @ 10 points each) and 10 points come from exercises (20 of them @ 5 pts. each). The other 170 points are just... points, not percentages. It would be useful, in a situation like mine, to display the grades as points, not percentages, and have Canvas calculate the points from the percentages of both labs and exercises. 


    Weighting the grades will display a percentage for all scores, instead of points; there is no work-around (that I know). This is how grades would look like:


    Labs: 10 completed @ 10 points each = 100 points => 50% => 10 points (Canvas would calculate this.)

    Exercises: 6 completed @ 5 points each = 30 points => 30% => 3 points (Canvas would calculate this.)

    Midterm: 85 points

    Final: 75 points

    Total: 173 points (NOT viewed as a percentage)


    I hope there are other instructors that have a grade system similar to mine, who would really like to see a change in the grading now available in Canvas. Thank you. :-)