Disable the ability for students to upload files to the comments area in the 'Submission Details' page until after a submission has been made

Idea created by Rebecca Goldsworthy on Apr 2, 2018
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    • Robert Pollack
    • John Boekenoogen
    • Rob Ditto
    • Rebecca Goldsworthy
    • Deborah Mateik
    • Victor Escudero
    • Tiffany Biggers

    Currently, the 'Assignment Submission' page is confusing; particularly if a student has made it there by mistake and they want to actually submit their assignment, not review feedback or details of their submission.


    I have an instance where it appears the student has accidentally clicked on the 'Marks' tab instead of the 'Assignments' tab when wanting to submit their assignment. They then clicked on the assignment name in the 'Marks' area which takes them to their 'Submission details', not the assignment. If a student hasn't submitted anything, the page doesn't really help them figure out where they need to do this properly - it looks like the page is an assignment as the breadcrumbs and highlighted tab indicate that you're in the assignment area. If the student has made it here by mistake and they want to submit their assignment, the 'Attach file' link under "Comments' looks very inviting.


    I'd like to either disable the ability for student to upload files until after they have made a submission, or replace the text "No submission" with something that helps them navigate to the submission area. In this case, the assignment is a Turnitin submission. Thanks for your help!

     Unclear 'submissions details' page.