Preview on Submission Page

Idea created by Nathan Campbell on Apr 3, 2018
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    This is a repost of an archived Idea from 11/2016: File Preview on Submission 


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    As it works now students open the assignment from the To Do list and then clicks the blue Submit Assignment button. The screen refreshes and at the bottom students are presented with the File Upload menu. Students locate the item (i.e. by browsing their computer or through accessing Google Docs, Google Drive). Once they locate the file they click Submit Assignment at the bottom of the screen. When the screen refreshes (again) students see the name of the file they uploaded and next to it is a 'change' button (in the red box).

    I've had a few teachers speak about executive functioning limitations with students. For these students the ability to see the file name along with a small preview of the actual item would help them to turn in the correct assignment more consistently.

    Screen shot with notes about Idea to add preview area on submission page.