Include specific page title in 'Delete...?' confirmation message

Idea created by Michael Braden on Apr 4, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Michael Braden
    • Rob Ditto

    When I am deleting one or more specific content pages using the 'Pages' index view, the small gap between items makes it very possible that I may accidentally click the 'options' icon of the wrong page, i.e., NOT the page I am intending to delete.


    With the current confirmation alert, there is no way to tell which page it will delete, meaning that if I accidentally selected the wrong one, I won't know until after I delete it:


    ambiguous 'confirm delete' alert


    I am suggesting that these alerts include the specific page title, so we can actually confirm that it's the 'right one' -- otherwise, the "are you sure?" question is nearly useless.