Include assignment comments in reports generated from rubrics

Idea created by Molly Stehn on Apr 5, 2018
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    My institution uses a cumbersome instrument in TK20 to assess dispositional outcomes for students pursuing an MA in counseling. All of the faculty hate TK20, but it is our only way to collect and aggregate data with this instrument and also have narrative comments included in the reports we pull. This is incredibly important because we need to have the qualitative data readily available to any faculty member who needs it - not just the instructor who wrote the comment. A colleague of mine put this instrument into Canvas as a rubric with outcomes tied to it in the outcomes tool, which I absolutely loved because it was so much easier to collect and aggregate the data in a report. Unfortunately there does not seem to be an option to collect the narrative comments in that same report, and because of that my department rejected using Canvas Outcomes as our data collection system for this incredibly lengthy set of outcomes. 


    Is it possible to run a report on Canvas Outcomes that would also include qualitative comments?