Canvas same as BB in terms of different view

Idea created by JAMES SHELDON on Apr 6, 2018


    This is just going to be a bugbear with me.

    What the student sees is not what I see only this time is not just apearance thing.....


    it is that a "logical thing" like an online quiz being present not .in "quizzes"....not....being present.....


    Yes i KNOW it is greyed out....


    I do not do very many online quizzes.  In fact the college discourages them if the class is not "online".

    I have done a few but they were in BB.

    My HUGE complaint with BB was "what the student sees is not what i see".

    Well Canvas is in some ways worse....


    So....I published an online exam for the hybrid class to "save a lecture" with permission of the department head.

    What I SEEEEEEE is "quizzes" ........GREYED OUT......

    The quiz is in there.

    I agonize of the thing, i tweak it, I obsess over it.....

    But....I FORGOT.............what I see is not what the student sees....

    Ok...........I can understand why....... the student will view things with a computer and a phone and yada yada....

    So.... a student contacts me and says that he cannot find it.

    I quickly reply, on my phone, that it is in "quizzes".

    he replies, there is no "quizzes" is it in modules?

    So I get ON the COMPUTER and go to SETTINGS and to STUDENT VIEW and look and there is no.....quizzes....


    it is not in modules


    staring at the phone...... i look and look and look...... nothing even close to ....."quizzes".


    I search through grades.....what the student sees is a vertical presentation, we see a spreadsheet, THAT IS NORMAL....and down at the bottom there it is....


    it is in GRADES......grades?  WHAT?

  clicks the title of the online exam and is whisked on a magic carpet to the online exam...


    Ok.......that is the kind of thing that BB used to do and still does.



    Here is the suggestion:


    a) REQUIRE that teachers actually "tick a box" when putting any kind of assignment or quiz up that marks it as an assignment, paper quiz or online quiz.  REQUIRE it.....the thing will NOT be able to be saved until that is done, not just "not published"    but in the part where one provides the points, dates etc.....they are REQUIRED to tick as to what it is...and it will not save until that is done.

    A reminder balloon should pop up to the effect that: "you have not designated what kind of thing this is".


    the above is usually optional and stuff just goes into a non-labled slush.


    I KNOW .......actually ticking a box will be SO HARD for the teacher to do....


    b) have a dedicated section of all classes, no matter what, which says something like: "online quizzes are here if posted".


    c) When published the online quiz that has been ticked as online then appears in that dedicated section.


    d) The quiz already is linked to the grades section so it will appear there automaically.




    In Modules


    a) Change the name of "Modules" to "modules and online quizzes".


    b) Have the teacher ticked online quiz appear there because the student and the teacher see the same thing.



    I am SURE that the devs and everybody else are rolling their eyes and saying .............. EVERBODY KNOWS the exam is found in grades.....


    My reply...... years ago, a high school student came "slamming into the classroom" and "let the door go" and because of the spring it slammed shut.



    And then I realized that.....'the next student" would not know about the previous student's offence


    Prior to suggesting this idea....about a half hour ago, I have placed a permanent announcement which will follow through all classes when migrated to this effect:


    "If there is EVER an "online exam" in this class you will have to search for it in "grades" there is no dedicated section for online quizzes".


    Because it is not logical to me or to the student that there is not a "section" for online exams when there is a "section" for everything else.