Better way to truly keep ungraded assignments from the gradebook

Idea created by Don Bryn on Apr 6, 2018
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    • Jazmin  Capezza
    • Don Bryn
    • Tina Green
    • Dr. Vera Verga

    We need the ability to hide assignments from the gradebook.  This needs to be an option for individual instructors per assignment OR group.


    We use a MH Connect tool to deploy assignments into Canvas and these particular assignments HAVE to have a grade in Connect.   But they are not graded assignments in Canvas.  If I edit those assignments in any way (make them 'ungraded' or change the points to 0', then they lose their connection to the external tool.  I place all of these assignments into a "homework" group with a weight of 0%.   So the grading comes out correctly.


    HOWEVER, you should try explaining to the students why they have to scroll through 72 ungraded assignments in the gradebook before they can get to the grades that count!  


    36 chapters, each with 2 ungraded assignments (reading/review) before an actual quiz for the chapter.   That adds up to 72 columns to scroll. 


    If I have a group of assignments that is NOT graded, does NOT count towards the grade in any way, then I should be able to make sure that entire group does NOT appear in the gradebook.


    I have searched and seen a few similar requests, but none of them seem to be active and all are slightly different.  However the one thing they have in common is asking for options for the instructors to manage what appears in the gradebook.