Authorize read-only data for Teacher role in API

Idea created by Jared Chapman on Apr 9, 2018
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    • Jared Chapman

    As an LTI builder, I sometimes find it frustrating when I get this error:


     {"status":"unauthorized","errors":[{"message":"user not authorized to perform that action"}]}


    When I am asking for what I think is harmless read-only data that would be useful for someone with a teacher role to have. Here are two examples that I'd love to see fixed and could immediately benefit from.

    1. Roles - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation This is the list roles API. It is only available to users with admin rights as far as I can tell. That means I cannot generate a list of roles available in canvas unless my clients track down an Admin, which I need to do so my LTI knows what roles to take into account.
    2. Course start and end dates. If canvas pulls control for this feature back so that only Admins can set these dates, it is no longer available to the API with a teacher token


    Thank you for your consideration! Good luck and thanks for all you do!