Filtering Calendar Entries for a Multi-Section Course (Teacher View)

Idea created by Gideon Williams on Apr 11, 2018
    Open for Voting

    I welcome the recent developments made to enhance the functionality of Sections within a course. The ability to set announcements and now discussions for particular sections within one course is a very good start to the process of creating bespoke learning pathways in large multi-user/multi-use courses. It will hopefully lead to teachers working more collaboratively and making resources available to other groups. This leads me to my idea.


    As a teacher working in a multiple section course there are limited opportunities for me to filter features that other teachers have added. As an admin, I can restrict teachers to seeing other sections but here is no flexibility to hide/show other features.


    The biggest issue we have in large multiple user courses is the overcrowding of the calendar. Teachers see entries given by teachers of other courses and there is currently no way to filter this.


    My suggestion is:


    To have a filtering option feature in the calendar that allows you to hide/show the entries for other sections (similar to the Gradebook) 


    The drop down element (if this is easier) would allow you to select which sections to show in your Calendar with the option of choosing more than one.


    Whilst there are some similarities to this idea suggested - we would struggle with this with upwards of 8 sections per course, a reliance on colour for determination and with students already using colour coding for many of the different courses they are assigned to (in UK curriculum we have some students with up to 20 individual courses!) 


    This would also be of great help for Heads of Department/line mangers being able to monitor homework tasks being set for different groups!


    A more wide reaching idea similar to this is also proposed here -