Route Collaborative Documents to Groups

Idea created by Glen Gummess on Apr 11, 2018
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    • Glen Gummess
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    On a course's main home page, the Collaborations link sends one to the location where collaborative documents such as Google Documents can be generated. These can be assigned to individuals or groups. Currently when a collaborative document is assigned to a Canvas group, it may be accessed by members of the group.  But when a group member goes to his group location in Canvas, said document is not there. 

    My suggestion is that when an instructor assigns a Collaborative document to a Canvas group, that document should appear in the group's "Collaborations." Doing this would make it consistent for group members to navigate to their group to do all work as needed, just as they do with group-assigned discussions and assignments.  

    I have a screencast that shows the dilemma and discusses what should be done in the author's opinion. The example uses all hypothetical students, so that no privacy issues are raised.


    Thank you for your consideration.  

    Glen Gummess,

    University of St. Francis,