Note if assignment grade is based on most recent submission or not

Idea created by Linnea Thompson on Apr 11, 2018
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    Currently, it seems that students cannot tell if their grade on an assignment is based on their most recent submission or a previous one. I would like it indicated in some way (maybe with a * next to the grade) if the grade in their gradebook is not based on their most recent submission.


    This mostly comes up because I have the new gradebook auto-filling zeroes for missing assignments, but allow late submissions. Students will ask me why they got a zero on their assignment when it's actually a situation where they had a missing work zero and I have not yet graded late submissions. (One of my course policies is that people who submit on time have priority in grading and those submitting late will be graded as I have extra time. Sometimes late assignments sit for a week or two if I'm particularly busy.)


    I also had a student wanting to know why they still had a 9/10 on something even after they fixed their mistake, though (they sent me a message asking about it almost immediately after re-submitting it), so it's an issue in the actual multiple submissions case as well as the auto-filled zeroes case.