Highlight rating for students in a ranged rubric

Idea created by Gregory Beyrer on Apr 16, 2018
    • Kimzey McGrath
    • Rob Ditto
    • Gregory Beyrer

    Using the range option for rubrics works well when grading using the rubric because I can type a number and the corresponding rating is highlighted. However, the highlight does not appear on the student's view of the rubric. This is where it is most important -- a sighted student should not have to read the range for each rating to see where the score for that criterion fits.


    The embedded screenshot shows the student view of a rubric used for grading with three criteria:

    1. Student earned a perfect score and so the rating is highlighted
    2. Student earned a score within a rating range but the rating is not highlighted (it should be!)
    3. Student earned a score that matches neither rating for a criterion that does not have ranges (this is what we had before ranges were added if students did not earn a score that perfectly matches a rating)

    Grading rubric with three criteria