Promoting the 'current' Module on the Modules page

Idea created by Jon Mason on Apr 17, 2018
    Open for Voting

    It would be useful to have a mechanism whereby the 'current' module could be promoted or highlighted in some way on the Modules page. There are two main considerations here:

    1. How to identify the 'current' module, e.g.
      1. Teacher can manually set a module to be the current one in the module settings. This of course relies on the teacher updating this as required.
      2. Modules have from and to dates that do not affect visibility, but just indicate when students are expected to be working on that module. These dates could be set in the module settings, in the same place as the existing 'Lock until' setting.
    2. How to 'promote' the current module
      1. Bring the module to the top of the Modules page. This is probably not a favourable approach, as discussed in this related idea: Automatically Move Completed Modules.
      2. Collapse all modules except the current one.
      3. Highlight the current module with colour, for example.
      4. Have a link/button at the top of the page that allows students to jump quickly to the current module.


    Some other considerations:

    • Should it be possible to have multiple current modules?
    • The promotion of the current module would need to work in a similar way on both web and the mobile app.
    • Should module to and from dates (1ii) be included in the calendar and syllabus?