Changing Point Values for different questions within a Quiz/Test

Idea created by Stephen Kaufman on Apr 18, 2018
    • Gideon Williams
    • Julie Perlingiere
    • Amy Vaught

    It appears that other instructors have had similar issues changing the point values for questions within a quiz. I imported a quiz that was exclusively MC (totaling 100 points) and then I added a 30 point essay question.  When I inserted the value of the essay. the quiz was now a total of 130 points.  I wanted to change the values of the MC questions and it appeared that the only way to do this is to create a group for the MC questions or alternately changing each value individually.  Had a chat and when they described the dragging of the questions to create the group, I said this is really beginning to sound cumbersome.  The person offered to help and about 8-10 minutes later my new quiz appeared with the correct value assignments.  And this is the length of time taken by a tech specialist. This is no way a criticism of the help person.  He was wonderful.


    Alternate suggestion.  Create a button that allows you to assign the same point values to all questions within a specific quiz.  Once having done that you then have the ability to edit the few questions requiring new point values.  This seems much easier.


    Look forward to people's feedback.