Instructor's ability to turn off responses for certain discussion posts

Idea created by Josue Carames on Apr 19, 2018
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    • Jim Wolf
    • Josue Carames

    It would be helpful if the instructor has the ability to turn off comments/responses for certain posts.


    Ok, it seems that I was not very clear in describing my idea. So, here I go once again. A professor asked me how he can "force" (professor's words) students to only reply to one of the students every week. In other words, instead of allowing a chaotic mess of multiple discussion with a very superficial engagement... he would like to create a leading debate with one student each week. So,

    1. Is there a way to "force" (only allow) students to respond to a particular student?
    2. If not, can Canvas engineer this feature for discussions?


    Thank you again to all of you!