Outcomes Overview for Departments : Sub-account Learning Mastery Gradebook

Idea created by Shawn Sumner on Apr 23, 2018
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    Concept: Imagine taking the course-level student learning outcomes seen in the Learning Mastery Gradebook a step up to the sub-account level to provide departments an overview of each course's outcome averages.


    Concept image of a sub-account overview of outcomes averages using a modified Learning Master Gradebook
    Concept image modified from source: How do I view outcomes or student results individually in the Learning Mastery Gradebook?


    Data is Valuable, but Programming is Hard
    The raw data from sub-account reports provides a starting point to understanding the possibilities (Admin Reports: Outcome Results vs. Student Competency), but we are years away from generating outcomes assessment dashboards that aspire to Kansas State University.


    Reduce Workload

    Adapting the built-in Learning Mastery Gradebook calculations and visualizations to be surfaced at the sub-account level could help reduce workload for department administration and staff having to construct Excel pivot tables, and referencing multiple Excel files for course outcomes and instructor information.


    Gain Insights in Time to Engage
    More importantly, a sub-account overview of outcomes could help guide inquiry within a department about how the formative assessments are contributing to student learning. Having quick and concise insights at hand for a department or program assessment personnel could help them engage with faculty during the semester to proactively gauge students’ learning outcomes before the end of a course.


    Adapting Functionality for Another Audience
    Just an idea of repurposing existing Canvas calculations and visualization to benefit another important audience, academic administration. Scaling the existing functionality Learning Mastery Gradebook from course-level to the sub-account level could allow for developer code reuse, and hopefully a reasonable addition within the future efforts of Priority: Analytics 2


    Community Perspectives?
    For members in the Canvas community would having a Learning Mastery Gradebook at the sub-account level be seen as oversimplification, or offer any potential insights to complement existing assessment processes?