Peer Review: Students Can See Their Own Essay

Idea created by Jose Luis Cano on Apr 23, 2018
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Jim Wolf

    Scenario: Without Canvas, I conducted peer reviews by having students bring physical copies of their drafts. In groups of three, students would look at one essay at a time and provide responses. For example, X, Y, and Z all looked at Z's essay. Then, they'd move on to X's and then Y's.


    Problem: The Peer Review feature has allowed me to make this a digital process. However (using the scenario depicted above), student Z would not be able to look at her/his own essay through Canvas Peer Review feature. S/he would have to download the submission and open it in a word processor, so that student would miss out on any real-time feedback provided through Canvas.


    Solution: Students should be able to see their own essays through the Canvas Peer Review feature without having to download and open it outside of it. This way, they can also see comments in real time.