MasteryPaths forwarding and date issues

Idea created by Prof. Hilbert on Apr 24, 2018
    • Prof. Hilbert



    I like the idea of MasteryPaths. It allows to personalize the learning experience for online exercises!

    Unfortunately, in its current beta version, it has created massive problems when students worked with it. There are two key problems:


    - after a student finishes an assignment there is a delay while the path is being processed. There is a notification on the next button that this is processing and advises them to refresh the page. It would be essential to send students directly to the next assignment. I loose them while making them going back and forth while searching where to continue.


    - what makes this more challenging is that currently mastery paths does not assign dates to assignment but only opens them up when they are completed any lock dates for assignments will be overwritten. So when students look for the following assignment, they do not even find it among the "next assignments" when sorted per date). As instructor, I still need to give a deadline to a MasteryPath assignment. This is not only essential for students to find the assignment, but for me to grade.


    I hope both shouldn't be too difficult to fix, since I love the idea of being able to provide personalized learning experiences to students through MasteryPaths!