Option to mute assignments by default

Idea created by jthoms@stanford.edu on Apr 15, 2015
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    Institutions or instructors who wish to always mute an assignment before providing feedback must 1) remember to do so, and 2) perform multiple clicks to mute each assignment.


    An option to default every newly created assignment to a muted state would make them happy.


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    July 22 response from Jason Sparks


    At previously mentioned, muting of assignments by default is not something we would actively pursue as new functionality; however, we can make the process easier if we added the option as a tic box in the assignment creation process.  Would an enhancement like this be sufficient to meet most of your needs?


    Response from the Community Team

    This idea is not planned and will be archived.  Please do continue the conversation as needed.

    Response from the OP

    If you voted for this, and are still interested in this functionality PLEASE vote on Mute assignment as a option at assignment creation!